Our Services

Our ideology

Awareness of the consequences of your actions is the path to a better world. This applies both to ecology, family, travel and life in general. We believe that our customers not only have wisely chosen their housing, but also responsibly treat processes in the world and respect future generations, thus being real messengers of a better life.

Our and our customers’ lifestyle is freedom provided by careful attitude towards the environment and all living creatures. Each attempt to understand processes of the nature is a step closer to us. Each of us is part of the nature, which is why we believe that life in natural environment is essential for every inhabitant of our planet. Our customers represent wide range of areas of life, but they are all brought together by love towards wood and nature. Our ideology together with many years of accumulated experience in building log houses allows us to achieve truly amazing results!




Our Services 

Thanks to our extensive and well-organized structure we provide our customers with full set of services related to implementation of the project:

  • Project design, reception of necessary permissions, project coordination, building commissioning;
  • Design and construction of external and internal engineer networks;
  • Manufacturing of the house at the factory, delivery of the house and all necessary materials;
  • Construction of the house on site;
  • Interior design project development, implementation of the interior design project;
  • Landscape architecture, planting of greenery, landscaping;
  • Property management.

Participation in all stages of the house construction process allows us to provide highly accurate project implementation control that corresponds with the assigned task and as a result we are able to provide maximally high quality of the object.


By entrusting wider provision of services involved in implementation of the project to one - our company, you will significantly save your time as well as financial resources.