Wood is the only 100% renewable building material. Use of wood, as compared to non-renewable materials, significantly reduces emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and its negative impact on the environment. Energy consumption in production of wooden construction materials is by 50% lower than in production of cement and by 80% lower than in production of bricks. Wooden logs also do not emit harmful gases and particulates.

The increase of CO2 (carbon dioxide) concentration in the Earth's atmosphere contributes to greenhouse effect and global warming. We can fight against it by reducing carbon dioxide emission or promoting its accumulation. Forestry and wider use of wooden products help reducing emission in both ways.

By replacing other building materials with wood one cubic meter of wood reduces CO2 emission into the atmosphere by an average of 0.8 tons. Increase of number of wooden buildings for about 10% would ensure a substantial reduction of CO2 as required by the Kyoto Protocol.

It is also beneficial for the environment that during production process of our houses timber delivered to the factory is used in its entirety. Small production residues are used in preparation of new material.


Life in a log house is life in a natural environment. Wood itself is able to regulate the microclimate. It absorbs moisture from the ambient air, tending to achieve moisture balance, besides it maintains optimal oxygen concentration indoors. It can be said that wood breathes and is the only building material that performs such a function.

Air humidity impacts its contamination and other factors affecting the quality of the air. The ideal indoor humidity is between 30% and 55%. It prevents growth of microscopic fungi and accumulation of dust, which could cause allergies. Whereas beyond this optimal humidity level the amount of dust, bacteria and viruses significantly increases. It can cause respiratory diseases, asthma, allergies, fatigue and headache.

Optimal microclimate is provided in our houses, air humidity is within the normal range, therefore the house does not accumulate static electricity and dust does not fly. People who suffer from various allergies or attacks of shortness of breath value these factors in our houses.

Children can play safely on wooden floor since clean wood does not emit noxious compounds. Inhabitants of our manufactured log houses will find it difficult to even pull a splinter.


Our houses stand out for the highest quality throughout the production and construction process. The cornerstones of our and our represented factory’s Dores Factory philosophy are technology, innovation and the common good. The team of our technologists provides constant monitoring of innovation development, assessing their compliance with technologies of the plant and today’s quality requirements.

We are using the latest Hundegger, Forma Machinery, Mida and Weinig production lines. They guarantee perfect accuracy and quality of every log element. Each and every manufactured construction element and detail is subject to thorough quality control.

Manufactured constructions are accurately labelled in accordance with the project of the log house, ensuring flawless assembly on site. Flawless log phrasing and unique corner connection technology provides protection of the building against crosswinds, frost and moisture. Special wood drying technology minimizes landing of the log after assembly of the building.



By using laminated wooden beam technology we can design and build houses of versatile design and constructions - from ascetic minimalism that characterizes Scandinavian traditional log buildings to expressive houses in Hi-Tech style.

Laminated wooden beam constructions can be used both in construction of summerhouses and residential houses, as well as offices, public and commercial buildings. We have even built a church by using our materials and technologies!