Projekts 60

Living area: 
Total area: 
Terrace area: 

Basic set: 
  • Floor construction - floor logs, pressing laths;
  • Terrace foot beams and trimmer joists;
  • Mezzanine log and floor beam construction;
  • External walls and partitions of profiled, milled laminated log beams (thickness of 120mm, 160mm, 200mm, 240mm or 280mm). Optionally, partitions of wood-frame material. Wall with cross corner or city corner connections;
  • Vertical supports and support mechanisms according to the project design specifications;
  • Window and door skids and laths;
  • Roof construction - purlins, rafters, laths;
  • Threaded rods, slide blocks, fasteners, screws, nails;
  • Production - assembly project;
  • Delivery;
  • Assembly.
Full set: 
  • Technical project development, coordination, building permission, energy audit, commissioning;
  • Foundation construction - pillar, ribbon, pallet or the like according to the project;
  • Wooden windows and doors, installation, box finishing;
  • Flooring, roofing, at option also wall insulation;
  • Roofing - clay or concrete tiles, bitumen shingles or other material of choice. Wind boards, cockloft finishing, rain gutters, etc.;
  • Full interior face-work – floor covering, ceiling and partition frame finishing with molded board, plasterboard, tiles or other materials of choice;
  • Treatment and shading of house’s wooden constructions with special protectives - natural linseed oil stain, antiseptics and the like;
  • Internal networks - electricity, water, sewage, low voltage, ventilation, air-conditioning etc.;
  • Construction of heating system, construction of stove or fireplace;
  • Full completion of terraces, balconies and other exterior elements;
  • Design and construction of external communication networks;
  • Landscape architecture, landscaping;
  • Interior design;
  • Other related services upon request.


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