Wooden buildings set standards for thermal insulation, because cellular structure of wood provides natural thermal insulation qualities, which are better than those of any other building material - protecting against winter cold and summer heat. A study confirms that wood is not only ecological and healthy, but also very energy efficient building material. Log house is protected from moisture, frost and winds and made heat-resistant thanks to Dores Factory’s special and patented corner connections:



Cross corner joint connection

This is the most common log beam corner connection, which ensures especially short log production and assembly time.



City corner joint connection

This connection does not have the usual protruded logs in the corners, because it ends as soon as it meets the other corner. Therefore 10% less timber is used to create it, since the corners do not contain extra beam protrusion. Likewise, such connection of the internal walls of the house allows more efficient use of space. It incorporates a unique rain, frost and wind barrier. Dores Factory has patented this type of corner at the Latvian Patent Office.


City corner joint connection with rounded profile


Dores patentēto Dzeguļu stūra savienojumu iespējams pasūtīt arī ar ieapaļas formas profilu. Ar ieapaļu profilu iespējams pasūtīt arī Krusta stūra savienojumu.


Standard sizes of laminated beams

Heat engineering parameters of profiled laminated wooden beam wall

In order to ensure higher heat engineering parameters of the wall, thicker beam can be selected or additional wall insulation with stone wool can be made. It should be emphasized that insulated wall cannot be visually distinguished from millbeam because special boards imitating millbeam with profile and size analogous to the wall millbeam are used for decoration of the insulated wall from the inside.